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Social Media..Young Malaysian..General Election or GE13...
These the issues transform Malaysian new topics across the nation.

I am writing this while a friend of mine giving his thoughts on Malaysian current issues and histories of Chinese immigrants in old 'Tanah Melayu'. As we all Malaysian already crossed the GE13 bridge and have come to the new testament of political solidarity urgency. Quite elusive to some. I mean the result of GE13. Hopefuly it will not becomes a pandora to the majority of Malaysian as some had claimed that they are the winner and 'people champion'.

When I was in Tioman Island for almost 3 years, I could not see any such misinterpretation in behaving among different races. In particular Berjaya Tioman Resort well managed all skepticm pertaining to race sensitivities. What I did found that even as a Sabahan..I myself did sometimes forgot about my borneon born state. So when I heard issue about 'borneosisation', then for me it is immatured to fight for it.

Back to China or Chinese Malaysian or India Indian Malaysian..I must say that these two are distant races in terms of religion, strength, and culture in order to inculcate harmony with Malay in Peninsular Malaysia. My point is that in comparison ones cannot adapting the ways that Sabahan or Sarawakian success in promoting unity among different races in this 2 states. Borneon people in contrast much more easiear to harness unity due to all of them are Malay.

I myself was a student in a class full of Chinese with 2 Malay and 1 Indian during School time. Of course there were lot of imbalance among us. I never went to tuition. I never join elite Club such as Computer Club at that time. I know you understand what I mean. These were things we should accept. But that was decades ago. Gov long term vision should had countered such problems and extend it to Chinese and Indian also.

This is the new millenium. We have come stumbled upon cries of others to relooked at our National Constitution. Facebook and internet has done much part in this. But it is wise to remember tht we don't want to get amputated just because we think that in our hands vested the future of our Malaysian people's destiny.

Talk about my Chinese's friend just now. I knew the tension hightened among different races during the GE13. But it might not be true considering the racism it represent in most major political parties in Malaysia.


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