Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan kerugian? Dipermudahkan ianya adalah bermaksud tidak untung. Diperincikan pula untung adalah diperkirakan dikaut selepas ditolak daripada kos.

If somebody ask me “how to turn a losses to a profit?”……the answer could be to give extra value on any cost incurred. Biz is a game. If you want a new room in your house…pls make sure it add value to your house. Make it more spacious even though actually it limits your movement. Thus the new room should represent a new territory in the same house itself. You could also paint it with different colour to make it visible.

My mind telling me that strategically thinking….put some new ideas along with the existing….Customer entertained and passionate with leads….stay stagnant is dangerous…rebranding..reposition…you named it….
Some food for thoughts….You cannot win a war by trying to beat your enemy….The best way is by wrecking them from inside. This is called cost effective. Same as the house…make a new territory in the same house. Somebody asked you how many rooms you have in your house? The more the (you guess??). “Woww…that’s a big house you have!!!”

So now we heading to talk about product/services…”How many ???? you have” The more the (you guess???).

But in a game..don’t try to win…instead try not to lose. This brings us to the area of competitive advantage. No need to compete. If you think you are wrong all this while, then let us get rebranding…go reposition it….
After all profit alone is not all about money or numbers. It is intangible. P&L is immeasurable within stipulated of one year or a month. Company won’t collapse just because of a year of turbulence. Even a blueprint or a vision is framed for mostly 5 years. Yearly performance failure of biz are due to uncertainties, shrinking global market share due to new entries, Gov & Treaties Policies, and etc.

The best for me is still add value to your house(company)….in this case room for product…try not to lose(80:20)…80% of your biz actually comes from the only 20% of your customer rather than trying to win the other 80%.

Global market share is shrinking…all the time is true…but thx to new market (India/China)…the shrunk market is compensated by the bigger digits it becomes eventually.

As the market becomes diverse and as the new entrants threatening more than before, therefore a continuous R&D and human resource development has become prominent job never than before.

To conclude, in biz losses will always represents in Dollar sense and conversely profit is not. Losses will always resemblance the rigid liquidity while profit is intangible as long as it add value to the employees, organization, and society with every penny spent.



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