It is good to know who you are and stands as what you are credible for...

Salam kepada rakan pembaca semua. For those who don't understand Malay can translate my post into English. I guess most of my viewers are friends from Facebook. Never mine, tonight I'll write in English. But first thanks to all friends, who mostly came from High IQ Societies around the globe for reading my blog. I haven't found any niche for my blog yet, hopefully one day but not now. Actually I'am proud to be around peer league of my own. I sometimes forgot who I'am and like others fellow HighIQers seems struggle live in a way that we should be. Having a high IQ means no harm to others, why should we? Eventually we cannot keeping compensated by being fooling and tolerate with stupidity.

Let me begin with this....I still can recall those University's way of teaching. Ohhh boring....we were there for exam not for knowledge. I myself was a Dean List student while studying in University, I went to the best school while in Form 1 and again in Form 4. Even many times I participated in a Quiz up until the state school level competition, at that time I was 11 years old.

I just want to share or you can say this is my profile. I can play almost all type of sports. I'am a captain for school Football/Soccer when I was 11 years old, representing school for inter school competition on football, badminton, sepaktakraw, field & tracks, volleyball, rugby, the only Malay played basketball in school interclass competition, and many others. I also play tennis and golf(recent). Once I participated in a state level of Chess tournament. A prefect and Chairman for History Club while in Form 6.

The other side of my life was....I remember the first time I played music, it was when I was 17 years old. I was in Science stream (Form 5), only 2 Malay in my class. The Art Stream student supposed to be the Live Band performer, but the drummer was sick and cannot play. The Party must goes on, so the band leader seek a drummer from Commerce Stream but cannot find one. Therefore their only hope was from Science Stream student. You can imagine all the book worm around, so they asked me whether or not I can play. I said I'll give a try, interestingly I was not just playing the drum but also can sing along. Everybody impressed, me also surprised how easily I can did it. Years after that I had played music for wedding, Battle of the Band and the last one was in 2003 played in a Pub. I can play drum, guitar, bass, piano, keyboard, and don't forget I can sing too.

My life have been blessed all the while, thanks to God. Back in 2009 I was participating in a Cerebrals International Competition organised by Cerebrals High IQ Society. It was a tough competition since all the participants mostly came from established High IQ Societies around the world. I'am not sure how many Malaysian had participated, the one for sure was only one from Malaysia listed as the top 50. Participants given 100 IQ questions. I spent time on it for only 10 hours due to my daily work loaded in office. It was sweet to know that my IQ scored was minimum at 141 at 15 Standard Deviation. Later the best 50 participants then given  a new 37 IQ questions to determine whether they elligible to be admitted as a member of the Cerebrals High IQ Society. The good news was once again I passed the test and later became the only Malaysian as a member in the Society which is based in French. I must thanks the creator and President of the contest and the society Dr. Xavier Jouve (Phd) for giving me a chance to became one of your peer league.

For those who came to read this, I don't mean to be arrogant. It is good to know who you are and stands as what you are credible for.


  1. Person with high IQ think differently from others..

  2. thx Queen...its complicated...doesn't mean that high IQ person think's only that they can see things at 360 degree...they also need a guidance to make a next move by what they hv been taught or through experience before. Nevertheless their brain capacity is super in analysing, thus a chances for a better problem solving is high.Do not confused with creativity and memory, these 2 things are different. There are 2 type of Intelligence...fluid and crystal. Hope u can find more info for this 2...thx Queen


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