Malaysia vs Singapore Football World Cup Analysis 23rd July 2011

The 1st leg is over. Like what I said in my previous post, Malaysian’s defense is weak. As a comparison to our Junior Olympic Squad, was it Singapore strikers better than multi millions Torres or Drogba. The answer is NO. Why can't we fixed it before the game.

My observation is simple, in a return leg match Coach should gave 60% defense with 40% left to attacking. Tonight’s game shown that recipe is followed, but not in a name of team’s defending. What I mean is fundamentally stop the attacking from the source, not from the penalizing point. Defensive Midfielder should minimize the flow of attacking first. The weakest point was in the midfield not in the defense. How can you protect your ‘danger area’ at D Box if the attacking keep easily slot in. The attacking should be stopped at certain allowed parameter. Furthermore offside trap can only be seen in 2nd half, even so the 5th goal was one due to this problem.

Back to the game, like what I said before there was no proper build up in Malaysian team either in attacking and defending, and this was resulted from poor creativity in the midfield quarter. Well at least this was better in the 2nd half. They should get control of the game first until found the rhythm needed to smoothen the planned strategy.

Singaporean built up were easily converted into goals. In a dead ball situation wall must be placed enough to close any gap, there was a goal when no Malaysian player standing behind one of Singapore player which also made up the wall. This was unacceptable since we knew this was part of their trick. Lack of communication, also might to the lack of leadership resulted the 2 easy dead ball goals. I also wonder how we put our marksman so freely and loose, most the defend follow the ball not their marksman. I cannot see any pure stopper, even Last Man also easily beaten. Hopefully these will be fixed before next match.


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