Berjaya Tioman Resort Veteran Football Tournament 2010

                  Tomorrow will be the day of something special during this monsoon season. The venue is at Berjaya Tioman football field. Veteran Football Tournament BTR 2010, first game will display the Berjaya Tioman team. This writing will analyze and try to put SWOT as the game goes. As a quick introduction, 3 friendly matches have been benchmarking the team SWOT. All three departments (defence, midfield, attacking) are in high morale and enjoying best performances during the trial games.

                  It has been a good reconciliation since all players had been tested by merely to find the best position for each player as possible as it can be. I must say as the team flexing his full force there will be small weaknesses left to be worried.

(Possible first 11 lines up)

1. Goal Keeper - (Jasmin)
A very experienced goalkeeper at his best in the old days. Quite serious person while in his D Box, but outside the field is a big Joker with LOL. Very good in rushing and can read the opponent attacking plan.

2. Defence - (Azhar, Mustapha, Ramsah, Mr K, Khairuddin)
Only age can determine their eagerness to push to the best defensive ever and commitment in every game. Azhar is a very strong Last Man in commanding and reading the game and very good in tactical game. As a Sweeper both Mr. K's are ready enough to stumble upon any threat given, while Stopper Mr. Rams is quick enough to close any fire given by the opponent. These guys might be the BEST defender ever produced in Berjaya Tioman, although one of them actually is "Kaki Bangku', wanna guess????.

3. Midfield - (Lepat, Guna, Ghani, Thamby, Rashid)
'The Maestro' Lepat is very well known on his amazing skills, he can play in all positions, worst in karaoke but different character in the football battlefield. 'Mr. Steady' Guna is an utility player which can fill any gaps when required, hardly believed in his 50's but still can play full time without any doubt on his fitness. Next, although very cool person, Ghani seems haven't shown his best so far, but it is believed he will show his true color tomorrow. He still got the agility to twist & turn and gentel-gentel. The artist himself, fills with his dancing moody style of playing, Mr. choreographer Zul Thamby is fantastic and quite smooth in executing any moves. Its likes dancing on the field even though sometimes 'semput'. Last but not least 'Mr. Belly' Rashid, an admirable footballer with vast experiences. We believe Rashid can boost some creativities and exciting moves to feed the strikers. Haven't joining the team yet, but this towering and muscular guy hopefully can break the enigma of the team.

4. TWIN Strikers (Zulhaimi & Hasbullah)
''The Muffin Connection, both a well read in terms of each visualization on how to wreck opponent defence. Inspired by the game of golf, Hasbullah is a good runner with great dribbling and a lot interesting skills to see, equipped with the ability to foresee any opportunities to score goal. Meanwhile Zul has a good pace and gifted instinct to blast any goal from both short and long range goals. The only things they do that different from golf this time is they have to cooperate and feed each other rather than betting of whom to score more.

Finally just a token of appreciation to our leader Mr. Michael, who has led the team and support wholeheartedly. We may might have to adhere to his tips as he said that “we play this game not to win, but if we win then that will be a bonus to us".

To conclude for now, it is clear that our player's result on tomorrow games is depending on how we react on the 'Psychological Contract' among us. So as the question goes 'BILA', then the answer is tomorrow at 9 morning between Tekek FC Vs Berjaya Tioman Resort (Management Team). 


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